There truly isn’t a more effective way of securing a step in your brain than to try to teach it to someone else! If you usually lead, you’ll have to teach the follower’s role in order to practice your own and vice-versa. In doing this, you’re developing a deeper understanding by considering both partners’ part in the dance. To really challenge yourself, try teaching it to someone who has never danced tango before.

If you lead you will learn to exaggerate your directions making it easier for your partner to read, or if you follow you will become more aware of what your partner will do in order to initiate the sequence. If they don’t get it right away, keep patient and stick with it! If they were quick to pick it up, try teaching it to someone else after. Everybody is different so you may encounter new obstacles or feel that you need to alter the way you lead/follow in order to suit your new partner. This is typical of any milonga and exceptionally good practice!

By Emma Langschied