Not as weird as it sounds – we’re not suggesting you invite your reflection to dance with you, simply that you take the time to check your posture. What you think you are doing in class may look very different to what you’re actually doing! If you spot anything out of place, put it right in the mirror, then you will be able to experience what the correct posture feels like and it should come more naturally in class.

Hmm.. How will this actually help me?

As with all genres of dance, the key component is your core. If you have strong posture then chances are you will have good balance and elegance – two vital ingredients for tango dancing. If you feel secure in your body, you will have more solidity in your dancing and be more stable for your partner.


Okay, so how can I get the correct posture then?


Easy – once you’ve got it you’ll never forget!

To start; get yourself in front of a mirror and imagine doing up an imaginary zip, from your toes all the way up to your chin. You should feel tall and pulled up with your weight forwards on the balls of your feet (but still able to breathe!)

Ladies, to maintain a feminine carriage throughout the dance, here’s some advice a dance teacher once said to me: imagine you have a tea towel rolled up between your thighs and your aim is not to drop it. This should keep your stomach in and everything inline, whilst also keeping your legs together for the majority of the dance – much tidier than someone stepping backwards with their legs wide open!

Everybody should tilt their body forwards slightly from above the hips; this will create space between you and your partner for your legs to be working away whilst keeping the intimacy.

Finally, think of yourself as a swan… no matter what your legs are doing beneath the water, your dance must appear to flow effortlessly. Honk!

Visit the blog again tomorrow for tip number two!

By Emma Langschied