Part 1 of 2

By our early teens, most of us have perfected ways of how to get the attention of the opposite sex. However, step back a second, because whichever techniques work for you now, whether it’s smiling sweetly, a cheeky wink or fluttering eye lashes; it won’t work for you at a Milonga. If you want to win someone over Milonga style; you’ll have to do it the Buenos Aires way.

Technique number one: have a good time! Not a bad method is it! Forget about manipulating people into dancing with you and just enjoy yourself. People want to dance with those who look like they’re having fun, and what could be easier? Put your feet up (into a gancho perhaps), smile, have a laugh – and let them come to you.

Now for technique number two. If the first way doesn’t work for you, maybe your fun is compromising your dancing. So have fun, but try to make sure that you have control over what you’re doing. If you lead, be bold with what you do, if you follow, make sure that you don’t come across as over powering your partner. Be beautiful and be confident. If the music is slow, elongate your movements, really stretch and close your feet a bit slower than usual. Try to fill out the music. If it’s faster paced, make it sharp and snappy. Make sure you step exactly on the beat if you can. You’ll always make mistakes, so relax if you do. Concentrate and anticipate what your partner could be thinking and you’ll be fine. Potential partners want to know that they can rely on you for support on the dance floor.

Check back tomorrow for part 2 of 2.