Why is social dancing so addictive? What makes it different to staged performances? Let’s see.

5. Social dances allow you to perform what you’ve practiced at your regular London tango class at the same time as other people, so you’re not on the stage with all eyes on you. No pressure but one hell of a buzz.

4. You will meet new people at social dances. Who knows, it could be the start of a new chapter of your life. You’ve already got one thing in common; tango. What else do you both like?

3. At social dances the music is either played by a DJ or from a pre-arranged playlist so you will discover someone else’s favourites in tango music. You’ll get to dance to music you may have overlooked before, or perhaps some you’ve never even heard of – in any case, it will be a nice experience.

2. Social dancing is perfect for getting out in the evenings. Treat Milongas as a fun night out for you and your friends or partner, or use it to take your mind off of external stresses; work, the kids, that woodpecker that just keeps pecking!!! …etc.

1. A social dance evening (a ‘Milonga’) is completely different to anything else. A dimmed atmosphere with a loud speaker system, spontaneous and improvised dance routines and unique etiquette makes social dancing exhilarating and unlike any other night out. You will fully comprehend the sheer beauty of tango once you’ve experienced a Milonga.

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Abrazo, Emma