We are excited to organise for you our first intensive course (Tuesdays) on the theme of Dancing in Close Embrace – from Salon to Milonguero!
NOTE: due to demand the series have been extended until March 5th!

Close embrace is at the same time the gift and the challenge of tango. It requires constant fine tuning, perfect body mechanics, precision excellent communication in the embrace and most importantly, a great level of trust. So it’s no wonder why so many dancers shy away from it, or adopt a semi close embrace and in doing so, miss that very essence of tango: the connection.

We will grow and explore in consecutive weeks the technique behind, how to move, and of course we will give you the tools to develop your own style. We will also explain the different types of dancing from ‘Salon’ to ‘Milonguero’. Much more than only focusing on embrace, the course aims at everyone who feels they want to get better at closing the embrace and keeping it closed.

After each workshop you will be able to practice during the free Practica, for a beautiful evening of tango.

♬♬ DATES ♬♬

» 23/01, 30/01, 13/02 (perfect embrace for Valentine!), 20/02, 27/02, 05/03 at 8pm, after the weekly Beginner class
» Classes with Bruno V. Abeele, the director and founder of Tanguito
» At Unity, 277A Upper st., Angel, London N1 2TZ
» It is recommended to join all sessions for best learning experience, but you can also join individual sessions. No partner required (although you’re welcome to join with a dance partner)

♬♬ COSTS ♬♬
Tickets available at the door.

» One workshop (90′): £20pp (incl. Practica)
» Included in the “All Classes Monthly Subscription”