Whether you’ve been to a Milonga before or you’re yet to experience your first one, these tips have been devised especially to fill you in on all the etiquette so that you feel more comfortable and just soak up the lovely atmosphere. Things can be confusing in all the hustle and bustle of a Milonga so hopefully this will clear up anything that may catch you out on the night. If there’s anything we’ve missed, you’re more than welcome to leave us a comment and we’ll be happy to add it to our list!

Part Three of Three

11. Always walk a lady back to her table – It is really nice etiquette for a man to escort their partner back to her table or seat at the end of a tanda. It is especially true in Buenos Aires, but wherever you are, try it, it’s such a nice feeling.

12. Stand away from the dance floor if you’re not dancing – Make sure that you don’t stand by the edge of the dancefloor whilst people are dancing. Any tango dancer will appreciate that space is tight at Milongas, so be considerate and stand back.

13. Criticising is for the classroom only – It really is not very nice to criticise, instruct or put anybody’s dancing down at a Milonga. If your partner’s moves are, let’s say, less than ideal, then do your best to fake it. One trick is to try and open the embrace as it then becomes easier to maintain one’s own balance if the other person’s dancing is not very advanced. Comments that are unasked for are often simply unwanted!

14. Collisions; apologise and move on – Even if it wasn’t your fault, a quick sorry will suffice. Likewise, if a couple bump into you, nod to accept their apology or smile it off. Don’t turn it into a competition, remember what’s important – your partner and the music.

15. Dance “al piso” – In a crowded dancefloor, it is really better for everyone to keep adornments, boleos, etc “al piso”, that means on the floor. Leaders, if it’s busy, refrain from leading high energy moves. Followers if you are led moves that you think are dangerous for others, you can always modify your reponse to keep your feet on the floor and make it safe.

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By Emma Langschied