Do you really want your partner to start tango lessons with you, but know he’ll talk his way out of it? Well, we wouldn’t be so sure! Here’s our best advice on how to tackle the 12 excuses he’s most likely to come up with. So, we’ll see you both next lesson! 😉

1. “Ouch! My, er, ankle?”

Faking an injury, ha! The oldest trick in the book! And easily dealt with. You can begin by asking questions about how it happened, possibly mention visiting the doctors. If this doesn’t break him; be attentive to the way he moves – any catching beer cans with a dodgy wrist or running for the bus on a bad ankle and you can use the line “oh brilliant you’re ankle seems much better, we can go to tango on Thursday then?” If he suddenly falls to the floor in pain, keep calm. For extra sting, be overly sympathetic toward him, pamper him a bit so that he thinks he’s has won, then… BAM! Better let him know he won’t be able to go to football this weekend! Ouch!

2. “Erghh, anything but tango!”

Anything but tango?! ANYTHING BUT.. hang on.. anything? Okay, take deep breaths for a second. Force a smile then suggest alternatives he’ll hate even more. Remember: the more excited you sound about each activity, the more panicked he’ll become. Try: pilates class, flower arranging, zumba, life drawings – oh and be sure to reinforce that there is a 50% chance that the naked model will me a man! If this doesn’t get him rethinking his response; nothing will.

3. “Oh man, I forgot, I have to work late that night…”

He ‘forgot’? He’s never worked late in his life. Even if he’s never worked late before, simply smile and say; “that’s okay, we can go to one of the other class times”. He’ll either have to agree; or he’ll reach for excuse number two. This is when you’re allowed to question him as to why he’s avoiding tango. He’ll either respond with “I’m not” to which you say “oh good, we can go on Wednesday then instead”, or he’ll come up with some other ‘explanation’ (and chances are – they’re on this list).

4. “Seriously!? Tango is so last week…”

Since when did he know the latest trends? – ohh yeah, he doesn’t! He’s using this because he knows you like to keep up with the latest fashion. So; play him at his own game. “Oh yes you’re right! Ballet is what all the celebs are doing this season. I’ll sign us up to that instead” On second thoughts, perhaps tango isn’t so bad after all. Watch him wriggle his way out of this one!

5. “Oh look, didn’t we go to that restaurant one time!?”

Really? He may as well point and run the opposite way. It didn’t work when you were 5; surely he knows it won’t work now. If your man tries to change the topic – change it back. Simples.

6. “Tango? I’m a man!”

Actually, there’s nothing more masculine. Tango is one rare occasion where the men take total control of women. Leading beautiful ladies through a room of obstacles; letting her rely totally on them instead of her senses for direction, choosing and controlling the steps she does, withholding her full attention and trust – what part of this negotiates their masculinity? Tango gives you power, it shows that you have rhythm and style whilst at the same time showing they’re displaying that don’t care about image and reputation; it shows that other things are more important to them. If this doesn’t seem manly, then what is? There’s also the point that they can switch partners throughout the night! When else could he do that!? Recap all these factors for him and he won’t be able to remember why he ever thought otherwise.

7. “You’ll miss Eastenders”

Is that the best he’s got? Men are supposedly better with technology, but they really do underestimate our knowledge when it comes to the technical know-how of how to watch our girly programmes: 4oD, BBC iPlayer, ITV2 repeats, recording thingys… yeah there’s no missing our soaps. He’ll have to do better than that.

8. “I’ll do all the cooking for a week”

Result! Maybe haggle it up a bit, to: all the cooking, washing, breakfast in bed… oh and add a forfeit to enforce your seriousness for if he doesn’t do this; something he really won’t like. Also mention that tango is 2 hours and these chores will be closer to 25. Just saying…

9. “I’m sorry babe; we just don’t have the money”

Okay firstly; ‘babe’? Secondly, £15 a class is even less than he’d spend in the pub otherwise, so really it would be saving money. Maybe he should cut back on nights out at the pub? Didn’t really think this one through did he?

10. “There will be plenty of other guys there for you to dance with”

As soon as he’s said this he’s regretting it. You could go without him and have an incredible time every week – and he knows it. He’s starting to picture himself home alone pulling out his hair whilst you’re having the time of your life in closed embraces with hot Latino men or that guy who you know he’s suspicious of having a crush on you. An “okay, if you’re sure” response should do the trick. Gentle enough for him to change his mind instead of fighting back.

11. “No way, you do too much already, you need your rest”

How cute! But remember, as sweet as this is – he’s only saying it to get out of tango classes. Try: “maybe you’re right, I’ve been thinking I might cut down on hours and work part-time and take up meditation”. The combination of shock and fear alone will stun him into agreeing to tango.

12. “I can’t dance, I’ll embarrass you”

Aaw, he’s self-conscious. Women are allegedly biologically programmed to care and nurture so helping you to overcome your dance problem and insecurities will only strengthen her desire to take you along.

Try our advice out and let us know how successful by leaving us a comment! 😉

Written by Emma Langschied