We are excited to announce a special evening of tango this Tuesday.

After the Beginner class on the theme ‘Corte and Sanguchitos’ – special intensive workshop this Tuesday with Paula Duarte: STYLING, ELEGANCE AND DECORATIONS, for both roles!

If you always wanted to learn the keys to elegance and beautiful adornos, here is a chance not to miss. Rulo? Planeo? Enrosque? How to move gracefully and add style to your dancing? How to use your feet in a way that will make your dance partners go ‘oh wow’? Check and supercheck. The special workshop will be for both roles, equally adapted to ladies and gentlemen learning to tango.

The evening will start with the Beginner lesson at 7pm (level 1, 1 hour), and will be followed by the Open level workshop  at 8pm (90 minutes, adapted to all levels incl. advanced). A practica at 9.30pm will be following for all to practice and enjoy their tango.


» 7PM (60-min), Beginners lev. 1: Corte & Sanguchito basics. So much fun coming your way this week, beginners!
» 8PM (90-min), Open level: Styling, Elegance and Decorations (“adornos”) for both roles. Technique, and applications.
» 9.30PM Practica for all (free for students).
» Classes today with Paula Duarte – at Unity, 277A Upper st., Angel, London N1 2TZ

♬♬ COSTS ♬♬
Tickets available at the door.

» One workshop (90′): £20pp (incl. Practica)
» Included in the “All Classes Monthly Subscription”