Welcome to PRACTICA DEL VIERNES, the Practica designed for designed dancers.

This Friday at the PRACTICA DEL VIERNES we are excited to welcome DJ ‘El Tano’ IVO AMBROSI from Italy, who has DJed in many places including Buenos Aires, festivals and marathons in Europe and further afield, incl. Asia. Come for a superb evening of dancing!


7pm – 8pm Complete Beginners class
8pm – 9pm Advanced class: CADENCIAS special. With Paula Duarte and Bruno V Abeele
9pm – 12am PRACTICA for adv. dancers with DJ El Tano


Ivo was born in Verona in 1983 and since childhood, Ivo has been attracted to music while listening and admiring his grandfather who played the accordion with a vast repertoire including tango compositions.

“those hands full of wrinkles, trembling on the keys which produced a sound while besides the rhythm and notes was deeply personal to him, and almost mystical in its source and power to project himself through his music…” this was the pathway for Ivo Ambrosi

After years of stage experience as rock and jazz musician, he moved to Rome and met the Tango world where he was instantly overwhelmed by its implying passion. He soon became fanatic in collecting orchestral works as well as Argentine Tango from the renowned “la vecchia Guardia” to contemporary works.

From 2011 he began to play his selections as DJ guest in the milongas scattered around the Italian capital city.
“living daily in a milonga around different cities represents a thrilling experience for the understanding of cultural differences with which the world of Tango is continuously taking shape. This implies the understanding of the vast world-wide scenario and the musical tastes following an immense growth within the milonga’s communities.

Among the latest events, besides the constant activity in the roman milongas, Ivo Ambrosi is regularly invited as a Tango DJ in different festivals, marathons and regular milonga eves in Italy and elsewhere including: Buenos Aires ( “ La Maria” – “ La Nacional”), Verona (“ La milonga que te pariò” – “La Polifunzionale”) , Brescia (“La Tana”), Garda (“la Capannina”), Milano (“Arci Bellezza”), Frosinone (“Milonga El Papel”) Varsavia (“ El Navegador”), Berlino (“Pippo milonga”), Taipei (Taiwan tango marathon)….

“I like to emotionally engage myself among people with their hug because the Tango dances in three: me, you and the music… oh I forgot and when the music is sung, we dance in four!