On the 1st of May, Los Angelitos will meet Queer Tango London, an initiative helping inclusion and highlight what tango is really about: dancing regardless of gender. Ladies leading? Check. Men following? Check. Changing roles? Supercheck. The milonga will be in association with QTL, and will be open to every dancer, for a jolly good afternoon of tango* – QTL will run a free introduction to role changing, from 4 to 4.30pm before the social dancing starts.

*note that of course, every dancer will choose to dance as they like and changing role will not be a ‘must’.


» Improvers (lev. 2) @ 2PM, £14pp (£15 @ door) 1 PERSON | 1 COUPLE
» Improvers @ 2PM + MILONGA, £19pp (£20 @ door) 1 PERSON | 1 COUPLE
» Intermediates @ 3PM, £14pp (£15 @ door) 1 PERSON | 1 COUPLE
» Intermediates @ 3PM + MILONGA, £19pp (£20 @ door) 1 PERSON | 1 COUPLE
» Improvers + Intermediates + MILONGA, £24pp (£25 @ door) 1 PERSON | 1 COUPLE
» Milonga*, £9.50pp (£10 @ door) 1 PERSON | 1 COUPLE

* including free introduction by QTL on Role Changing


THIS WEEK: TDJ Bruno to make you dance all afternoon, Workshops with resident teachers Paula Duarte and Bruno V. Abeele, with a combined experience of 20+ years of teaching tango, and free introduction by QTL from 4 to 4.30pm.

Topic this week:

🎵 Level 2 (Improvers) at 2pm: EBRACE FUNDAMENTALS. A very important lesson on the shapes and styles of embrace. Unmissable!
🎵 Level 3 (Intermediates) at 3pm: MILONGUERO VS SALON EMBRACES AND STYLES. Learn to vary the embrace to convey different sensations in the embrace, and the technique behind both.

» Looking for Friday tickets instead or level 1 and 4 lessons? Click here