The mission

Melanie from Jon Adam got in touch with us to organise a Strictly Come Dancing corporate event. She wanted a glamourous event that would challenge and enthuse the employees of this fashion company.


The D dayS…

The choreography we prepared had nothing to envy to Strictly Come Dancing: there were kicks and flicks, foot sweeps, and enough tango drama to last anyone a lifetime!

Whilst everyone originally gasped in horror, everyone managed to do the routine by the end of the training session. The uber-competitive ones joined a couple of group classes to increase their chances of winning.

On the final day, everyone performed to their best, and we closed the evening with a performance.

It was fun. When do we do it again?

Argentine tango London | Strictly Come Dancing style event

The feedback was overwhelmingly positive

We wanted to organise our take on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ for our team building / Christmas party, so we turned to Tanguito to help us put together a tango choreography for the contenders.

Three weeks before the actual party – which was a complete surprise to everyone in the office apart from those dancing – the tango teachers chose a beautiful tango tune and came in to train the participants on a (“risque”!) routine.

Before the party, some of the couples, which were getting quite competitive, decided to join their regular group classes to improve their style. Finally, the day of the event came, and the teachers joined as judges, before performing in front of everyone.

The party has been simply incredible, filled with laughter, great spirit and embarrassing photos: they all loved it. Thanks to their professionalism, attention to detail, availability to make everyone comfortable and amazing dancing skills, Nathalie and Bruno helped us organise a wonderful event which my office staff will remember for a long time!

Melanie, owner, Jon Adam