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What’s my size?

Our clothes have been designed to be stretchy to embrace all body shapes, stay close to you to support you when you dance without being tight – making every item a comfortable fit for all. This page will act as a guide to help you in deciding which size to select in our range.

Need help? Refer to “How to measure my size” below, if in doubt.

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All our materials are very stretchy, so you don’t need to find an exact fit, simply choose the size that is the closest to your body size.

Important note: we can alter the basic dimensions of the skirts and tops for a small additional cost. Just add the item “Custom measures” to your basket and let us know which part you’d like to change (bust/waist/hips size and/or length).

Questions? Simply contact us here.

How can I measure my size?


When measuring your bust size, you need to wear a bra. With your arms relaxed and down, take the measuring tape across the fullest part of your bust and around your back. You can send us your measurements in inches or centimeters.


The waist measure is taken by measuring your natural waistline, which is the smallest part of your waist – generally an inch above your the belly button.


For hips, you will need to measure the widest part of your hips, across the hipbone. It is roughly 5-7 inches below the natural waistline.


For skirts, the ‘length’ is the total length of the garment, from top to bottom, including waist band. For dresses, the length consists of the length from shoulders to the bottom of the dress. Our dresses and skirts generally reach just below the knee, but you can ask Custom measures for a longer (or shorter) length, to fit your taste.