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Terms & conditions

Here we go again… a very boring page, without even the smallest photo or icon, but that our lawyer absolutely loves. Well, he did not mention it, but we think he kind of does. Who knows. Toodle pip. For terms and conditions related to our tango classes, please refer to our terms and condition page on our main website.

Purchasing garments on our website:

  • Refer to the delivery page for conditions related to the delivery of your items

  • Refer to the returns and exchanges page for conditions related to returning or exchanging your items

  • Refer to the privacy page to read about how your data is managed. Please note that by using our website, you accept the use of cookies – necessary to display your account details or retrieve products in your shopping cart.

Gift vouchers:

  • To redeem a voucher, simply use the voucher code mentioned on your voucher when checking out. Please note that this code is only valid once.

  • Vouchers are strictly non-refundable and cannot be exchanged, even in the event the recipient of the gift is unable to redeem their gift.

  • Gift vouchers are valid for 6 months after purchase date.

  • Once a voucher has been redeemed by a customer, its remaining value cannot be reimbursed or transferred to another person.

  • Please note that class prices may change over time.

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