Collection concept

Salsa dancewear

Why is our range also perfect for salsa?

Salsa, like tango is a passionate, fiery dance, so our colours and design reflect this.

In salsa it is the dancers’ hips that move the most. They are kept very loose and move almost constantly in different ways. Therefore, it’s vital that our clothing poses no restrictions so as to not threaten the all important flow of the movement. Our skirts and dresses are fitted at the torso and hips then flare out, releasing and freeing fabrics in the right place to allow the most beautiful flare and style.

As with any dancewear, it’s important to tease without revealing too much, which has been one of the primary aims of our collection.

Our collection has been designed by dancers for dancers so we have thought of all the little details so that you don’t need to. Our skirts, for instance, have been designed at a length that’s long enough to stick to salsa style, but short enough to avoid any heels trapping during your dance. Our tops are fitted so that they don’t bunch up or droop open as you lean in any direction.

We really hope you will love your garments and be comfortable and fully satisfied with your purchases. Please do get in touch to let us know what you think!