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Essential Belt


Our Essential Belts have been designed to accessorise your outfit in a variety of ways. Use them to blend your top and skirt or in a different colour to draw the eye to it. Wrap them around your waist to exaggerate that desired hourglass figure, or at the hips to make your ochos even more dramatic.

Idea: You can also wear the belt as a scarf. Very elegant.

Perfect for classes, practicas, milongas

Main photo: Black essential belt worn with a pavadita skirt and a So Chic Cowl Top. Shoes: Madame Pivot

Check sizes or collection colours.

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Product Description

Our Essential Belts are 100% jersey, strong yet soft to the touch. Perfect for wearing at the waist or hips. Glam it up even more by adding one of our Satin Poppy Pins.

Check sizes or collection colours.

For that extra touch of exclusivity, our range of colours change frequently – so, if you see a colour you really like, grab it before another milonguera does.

Additional Information

Machine washable

Recommended hand washed, but if you decide against it, we suggest using a ‘delicate’ wash cycle and placing your clothes in a net bag to keep them protected from tangling with the rest of your washing

Tumble dry

Not recommended


Not needed


Mixed polyester


White / White – blue polka dots, Passion Red Jersey, Rust Jersey, Tangerine Tango Jersey, Dusky Pink, Cappuccino Jersey, Ivory White Jersey, Summer Green Jersey, Teal Jersey, Navy Blue Jersey, Duchess Blue Jersey, Plum Jersey, Divine Purple Jersey, Baby Lilac Jersey, Dreamy Pink Jersey, Pebble Grey Jersey, Midnight Black Jersey


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