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Designed for tango dancers, by tango dancers.

Tango clothing & fashion beautifying your every move

Tango clothing collection | conceptWe’ve been dancing tango for 15 years and in that time, have often been faced with this daunting question “what to wear, what to wear?”. Because we could not quite find what we wanted, we created our own tango dancewear collection for ladies and gentlemen. What did we want? Specially designed clothes that flatter tango moves, that aren’t ‘over the top’ and that can also be worn outside of milongas.

In our tango collection, every item is not only comfortable to dance in, it is also beautiful to watch. Simple, elegant, our clothes are designed to enhance every move with flattering cuts and fabrics that are fluid and move smoothly.

And if you don’t like carrying a change of clothes, we have lots of items you can wear in the office. In the evening, just freshen up et voilà you’re ready for your favourite class, practica or milonga.

Our clothes are all made locally with love, care and pride. We are truly looking forward to meeting you on the dance floor and see you make them flutter around.

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For her…

tango_clothing_fashion_dresses_skirts_tops_tanguito_londonFor women, we use a a twirly, light, comfortable, crease-free, quick dry jersey fabric which requires no ironing. The cuts are feminine and ideal to show off your moves.

  • Move and enjoy the soft fabric twirling around you. Our jersey fabrics have been selected to be an extension, almost a partner for your dancing.
  • Dresses, trousers and skirts are at an ideal length; too long and heels get caught and too short and, well, you know – best avoided!
  • Dresses and skirts are perfectly flared to accentuate moves.
  • We cunningly mixed heavier jersey fabrics with light chiffon to create dazzling movements.
  • The icing on the cake: our garments can easily be worn “off” the dancefloor, at work, or with friends. We avoided any “cliché” cuts usually found in stage tango clothing.
  • Our jersey clothes are easycare, so that you can get on with more important things… your tango!

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For him…

tango_clothing_fashion_men_wide_trousers_tanguito_londonHave you noticed? Skinny trousers are in fashion – again… Whilst they look very good for everydaywear, they don’t do tango moves any justice.

For tango, wide legs look just the part and will amplify moves, whilst hiding bent knees. The perfect accessory to a cabeceo:

  • Wide legs suitable for tango
  • Light non-crease wool or cotton, for style and comfort

Our trousers come in a variety of colours, and if there’s anything you’re looking for in particular, ask us and we’ll try and source it for you.

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Easy care

Tango clothing beautiful backs

We know life is rarely easy or care-free, so we’ve made sure that all of our clothes are, so that you can get on with worrying about the important things (all things ending in o, like boleos, ganchos, and adornos… or even Mojitos).

We used as many easy-care materials as possible whilst maintaining high quality. Our jersey clothes will live their entire life without seeing an ironing board or dry cleaning. You can find out more about caring for your clothes on our ‘Care for your clothes’ page.

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