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Tango Clothing & Fashion for Women & Men | Tanguito | How to Use Accessories

Our collection is all about customisation. Wondering how to use the accessories and create your very own outfit? Brooches, sleeves, belts, scarves – the possibilities are limitless. Read on to discover our designers’ top tips on how to personalise your look with our accessories. No outfit will ever look the same twice!

1. Using our Sleeves

Our Butterfly Wing Sleeves compliment our Fitted Jersey Tops beautifully. Simply attach them with a pretty little button on each shoulder. The sleeves will enhance your movements, on the dance floor. The Butterfly Wing sleeves can also be worn as a scarf, in various creative ways to suit your outfit. This will look amazing with a matching chiffon skirt (either Dancy Chiffon or Femme Fatale skirts)

2. Making the most of our flower pins

Our exclusive and striking handmade flower brooches can be pinned anywhere. We particularly like them on the shoulder of our tops or to any of our skirts. They’re available in different shapes, styles and colours. Wear as many flower brooches as you desire, we recommend an odd number to create that well-loved and craved in the fashion industry: asymmetrical effect.

3. Our flower belt

Definitely one of our all times favourites – an accessory that can compliment any outfit. Tie in various ways to alter your look, around your waist or hips. We suggest adjusting the angle and positioning of the flower. Centre the flower at your waist or to one side at your hip and it will look completely different.

4. Using the belt trick

Our belts tie at the waist creating this sought-after hour-glass figure.. Play with different widths and colours to alter your look and try different ways of tying it. A cheeky idea is to attach one of our flower brooches to the essential belt, around the knot. To vary the look, you can choose from the very thin essential and dancy chiffon belts or the kimono like So Chic and Sash belts. We also like to wear the thin belts as a scarf.

5. Petticoat

Sometimes, more volume is all an outfit needs. Our petticoat will transform any skirt or dress, giving it volume and drastically altering its movement. Try with any of our skirts or test it with one of yours to see how beautifully different the outfit feels and looks. Our petticoat now comes with two frills of black chiffon or colourful lace: very feminine and elegant.