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If you’re anything like me, you don’t have time to worry about ironing and the sooner your favourite skirt dries off after washing, the sooner you can get ready for your next milonga! That’s why Sara, our designer, visited (at least!) a million fabric stores in London and walked a trillion miles before being satisfied by the fabrics she chose.

That’s why, our clothes:

  • don’t require dry cleaning
  • are made of a wonderful jersey which is crease-free, to make ironing a thing of the past (within reasons: hang your clothes to avoid ironing). Note: some light ironing may be needed for chiffon panels.
  • dry quickly

Special care instructions: we recommend:

  • to hand wash while sipping a coffee on these lazy Sunday afternoons – or, if your Sundays are already fully booked and you prefer to use your washing machine: to choose a ‘delicate’ wash cycle (at 30°) and place your clothes in a net bag to keep them separate and protected from tangling with the rest of your washing
  • to wash your clothes inside out
  • to wash your clothes on their own or with similar colours, especially the first time you wash them as you would do with every new piece of clothes
  • to keep your clothes away from bleach or any chemical that looks a bit too aggressive

Please note: when undoing poppers, support the material closely either side so as to not damage the garment.

Please check item descriptions for individual care details.