We are excited to welcome in the UK and as a London Exclusive for the Festival, the orchestra TANGO TINTO!


Tango Tinto is a quintet (with singer) embracing a wide repertoire of danceable tango tunes, from its beginning (Guarda Vieja) to more contempory times. They play in milongas and festivals around Europe, as well as Argentina. In 2004 they released their first album in Milan.

On Saturday night, the TT formation with singer Rúben Peloni will play a delightful selection of danceable tango classics, from Troilo, Canaro, D’Arienzo, Pugliese, De Caro and more. Feel the energy Tango Tinto brings to these timeless monuments of tango music and feel your feet start dancing!

Tango Tinto is one of the most danceable tango orchestras we have come across. We are very proud to have them part of our line up and Saturday Gala Milonga will be a night not to be missed.

Line up:
Piano: Bárbara Varassi Pega (Arg)
Bandoneón: Gerardo Agnese (Arg)
Violin: Vincenzo Albini (It)
Double-Bass: Virgilio Monti (It)
Voice: Rubén Peloni (Arg)

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