Paula Duarte & Bruno V Rodriguez


Paula Duarte

Paula Duarte is a London-based professional tango dancer and teacher. She is regularly invited to teach and perform at Negracha Tango Club, Tanguito Tango Academy, Tango on the Thames, Pavadita, Tango Bridge, Queer Tango, Reading Tango Club and Touch of Tango.

Paula performs in several productions from Tango Siempre and Santiago Quartet (currently playing in theaters across the UK).

After winning the first place award for best performer at an international dance competition in Spain in 2011 (III Open Show Dance, Andalucia) she has been a member of Tango Companies and productions, with whom she traveled around the world to perform and teach the different styles of the Argentine Tango, such works include Broken Tango, Rea Danza, Perfiles, Milton and Romina Tango Company and Compania Nacional Arcos de Buenos Aires.

Bruno Rodriguez

Bruno started Argentine tango around 1999. What kept him going back for more was his enjoyment of the classes and because he liked socialising with his tango friends.

After his first trip to Buenos Aires, he carried on tango out of sheer addiction: to the music, to the embrace, to the fascinating tango culture, to the beauty of the dance and the emphasis on the ‘here and now’.

Bruno started his tango training in Japan (as odd as that seems, although tango is actually very popular over there) with Juan Rios, an Argentine Maestro; then in Europe and Buenos Aires, where we were blessed to be trained by truly generous teachers such as the 2008 tango world champions Daniel Nacucchio and Cristina Sosa, Lorena Ermocida, Maria Angeles Rodriguez and old school milongeros like Chiche.

Bruno opened Tanguito Academy back in 2011, which is now the best rated school in London. Every year, he organises a very successful trip to Buenos Aires during the Mundial and Festival. As teachers, Bruno is proud to be working with Paula Duarte – together, they offer a balanced approach mixing technique, musicality and self-expression.

This year, Paula and Bruno have decided to organise the Che London! Tango Festival once again and are looking forward to meeting you or seeing you again soon!

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