Maria Tsiatsiani & Leandro Palou

leandropalou-mariaTsiatsianiWe are pleased to welcome Maria Tsiatsiani & Leandro Palou as part of Che London! Tango Festival line up of international maestros.

Leandro Palou

Leandro Palou is one of the leading Tango dancers around the world. With a career of over 20 years as a teacher and a performer, he is privileged to have danced with some of the best dancers in modern history of Tango.

He has performed in over 250 cities and 35 countries, from London’s West End to Hong Kong, Moscow, New York, Paris, Rome, Vienna… His performances has been seen by millions of people around the globe; he has also appeared in countless TV appearances, music videos and commercials.

Earlier in his career, Leandro had the opportunity to dance with the late Andrea Missé and Romina Godoy, with whom he choreographed the show ‘Emociones del Alma’. He also danced with Alejandra Mantiñan, with whom he performed and taught at international Tango Festivals.

Leandro is known for his charismatic approach to teaching: his method is clear and precise, thanks to his in-depth knowledge of the dance and the human physiology.


Maria Tsiatsiani

Maria is a passionate dancer, teacher and choreographer. She started ballet and gymnastics at an early age and competed in Latin Ballroom Nationals for over 10 years. She has taught social and Latin Ballroom dance at various academies.

After discovering Argentine Tango, she quickly starred in Tango shows in the UK such as Tango Motion, Tango Siempre and London’s West End Midnight Tango with Vincent Simone & Flavia Cacace.

She has also appeared in MTV Music videos and is the face of the international brand Balanceo Tango shoes.

Maria and Leandro are regularly perform at renowned International Tango Festivals, workshops, corporate events, charity events, VIP events regularly in the UK and Europe. They are both passionate and determined to contribute to building a solid and sophisticated Tango community in London.


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