Maria Ines Bogado & Roberto Zuccarino

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María Inés Bogado started dancing when she was 12 years old. In 1994 she discovered tango and began studying with Cristina Pugni and Diego Gauna. In 1997 she continued her studies with Carlos Perez and Rosa Forte at the Club Sunderland. During this period she met Sebastián Jiménez with whom she entered into a professional tango partnership.

In 2010 they won the title of Metropolitan Champions of Vals and World Champions in Tango Salón. After winning the titles they went on an intensive tour around the world, teaching and performing at the most prestigeous tango festivals on all continents.

In 2016 and she started to teach and perform with Jorge Lopéz, with whom she already danced on the streets of Buenos Aires at the beginning of her career. In 2018 she started to work with Roberto Zuccarino. She continues to travel all over the world, teaching solo and with her partners at festivals, performances, giving private classes, and seminars.

Roberto Zuccarino

Roberto started dancing salsa, rock and bachata when he was 10 and then moved to tango at 15. He soon decided to dedicate his career to tango.

Roberto is acclaimed both in Argentina, his homeland, and internationally for his artistic career as a tango dancer, choreograph and teacher. His training is grounded in the milongas of Buenos Aires, which is what gives his dancing its unique tanguero style.

During his long career, he has trained in various disciplines which both nourished and gave shape to his teaching method, focused on shaping dancers and dancing couples. One could define his style using three words: the embrace, the walk and feelings.

His motto: “El equipo esta motivado”, “The team is motivated”.

When he is not busy touring the world for festivals and workshops, Roberto is based in Buenos Aires, where he runs the milonga Los Zucca (previously Niño Bien), which recently developed as one of the most popular evenings in the Argentinian capital and frequently DJs at the most famous milongas of the tango capital.


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