DJ Yohann

Meet DJ Yohann

Yohann has a wide experience DJing at milongas and other tango events. Let’s ask him directly how he goes about building the night…

(1) how do you build your tandas?

I am fairly traditional in my approach: for each orchestra, I usually select tracks that are from the same period, with the same singers or all instrumental. I think ensuring they have the same tempo is also very important, in particular for Vals and Milonga. It requires a lot of preparation but it is very much worth it. I only have one confession to make: I sometimes prefer playing tracks in threes as you get a chance to dance with more people throughout the event!

(2) what are you trying to achieve during the evening?

Like every DJ, I want a packed floor. It means selecting some of the best tracks and keeping the energy on a constant high. I like to tease, tempt and challenge dancers by contrasting orchestras so no two consecutive tandas ever sound the same. Good cortinas also help create a lively atmosphere as well as a few “palate cleansers” ranging from canyengue, the more folky Zitarrosa or Hugo Diaz and European tracks from the 1930s all the way to alternative and electrotango if there is an appetite for it.

(3) what kind of music seems to define you as a DJ, or what do you like best playing?

I just couldn’t choose! I like the drama of Pugliese and the passion of D’Arienzo just as much as the playful earthiness of Canaro, the old romanticism of Donato or the elegance of Di Sarli. However, when it comes to Milonga – my favourite – you just cannot beat Canaro or D’Arienzo. In all honesty, I am also partial to some of the excellent contemporary orchestras that we are lucky be able to enjoy live: Sexteto Milonguero’s slick music, La Furca’s wonderfully moody tunes, Color Tango’s flawless take on Pugliese, and the list goes on.

We’re looking forward to a fabulous night at Los Angelitos on Sunday evening with the expert hands (and ears) of DJ Yohann!


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