DJ Punto y Branca

dj_punto_brancaDJ Punto y Branca is the resident DJ at La Cueve Tango Club in Milan, a “non” art gallery supporting new and innovative artists from the underground culture scene, which is the unique set for “Tango de Miercoles”, a weekly milonga where young and old people dance until very late in an informal and relaxed atmosphere.

DJ Punto y Branca’s musical taste is sophisticated and traditional. He frequently musicalises at European festivals and milongas, where he is always expected with a lot of anticipation. Through the years, he has built a serious supporter group throughout Europe. This year alone, he is DJing at more than 20 festivals and Europe and beyond!

We are very pleased to welcome him to our 4th edition of Che London! Festival and can’t wait to dance to his music.


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