DJ Bruno

Meet DJ Bruno

You’ve perhaps witnessed DJ Bruno operate his magic at Los Angelitos or Negracha lately. A true traditionalist, he likes to keep his tandas strucutured as they often are in milongas, with a single orchestra and style for the whole tanda. But before all he plays for the dancers with a variety of styles that are always aimed at getting the dancers to the floor.

So, how does he build the evening?

“I will usually start with something that gets the heart (and the feet) racing, with tunes that will make people bring a smile on their faces. Songs which energy is such that dancers can’t resist dancing to them. Yes, of course D’Arienzo, Biagi and the like, but not necessarily. Whilst always alternating rhythmic and melodic tandas so as to sustain the energy in the room, I will try to paint a scenery with music: for instance, the beginning being more dramatic like rugged mountains, the heart of the evening with more melancholy, such as these tunes in which the singer plays an important role and the melodies are more complex and rich. And to finish the evening. But before all, I will try to keep my finger on the pulse of the room, so I will adapt the tandas to what I see on the floor”.

When we ask him which songs he will never play, after thinking about it he answers: “there are very few songs I dislike. Perhaps a couple, that have been over-played and have lost all their taste to me – like a chewing gum after a few hours of mastication. Let’s see… Por Una Cabeza probably”.

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