DJ Adrian Anibal Heim

Meet DJ Adrian Anibal Heim

We are thrilled to welcome for the first time, DJ Adrian, a true Porteño (from Buenos Aires) a reknown maestro who also has a wide experience DJing. His specialty? Playing from true vinyl records (LPs), adding a rich sound, that is often closer to what the orchestra intended. Deep and with a lot of character, this sound will transport you straight back to the 40s and 50s.

When we ask Adrian what he likes to do in festivals, he answers “I don’t hesitate to play in a way that will enhance the experience of the milonga”. Whilst mostly following the traditional tanda sequence (2 tangos, 1 milonga, 2 tangos, 1 vals), he likes – like often back home in Bs As – to experiment with different sequences: 3 tangos, 1 milonga followed by 1 vals (sometimes adding 1 of tango in between). The objective? Get the dancer in a dream-state, and never bored: “I aim at achieving a dynamic and fun environment, participating with the Public”.

So what orchestras and composers does he like?
“The music that I like is varied: Troilo, Biaggi, Darienzo, Disarli, Canaro, De Angelis, Tanturi, Pugliese, Lomuto, Donato, Malerba, Di Paulo, Orquesta Matos Rodriguez. I then add a hint of Fervor of Buenos Aires, Sexteto Milonguero, Hector Varela, Enrique Rodriguez, Jose Garcia, Calo – Beron. When things get late, my friends become Fresedo, Florindo Sassone, Lucio Demare, Laurenz, Firpo, Los Reyes del Tango and others”. What a programme! We can’t wait for our Sunday evening milonga.

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