Cristina Sosa & Daniel Nacucchio

daniel_nacucchio_cristina_sosa6We are delighted to welcome back to Che! London Cristina Sosa and Daniel Nacucchio, the first dancers in history to cumulate the most important awards in tango salon: World Tango Championship (Tango salon), Metropolitan Tango Championship (Tango Salon and Milonga), Japan Open (Tango Salon).

Cristina started dancing at the age of 9. At 18, she discovered a passion for tango. She later became a dancer and choreographic assistant in the show “Piazolla Tango” and has performed in various tango shows.

Daniel took up tango at 16 with 20 of his friends. He immediately started to work with notable dancers of the Villa Urquiza style and in particular, Alberto Villarrazo. He has worked around the world, including Japan and the USA as the main dancer in numerous shows.

Cristina & Daniel began working together in mid-2007, by performing in private shows and in the “Complejo Tango” show. In mid-2008, they took part in the Metropolitan Tango Championship, which they won in two categories, “Tango Salon” and “Milonga”. In the same year, they took part in the Salon Tango World Championship, which they won as well. Later in the same year, they also won the Japan Open (Tango Salon).

Together, they have developed a very deep and pedagogical way of teaching and they are renowned for their precision and generosity as teachers. They mix musicality and expressivity in a style that is unique to them.


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