Saturday Gala Milonga

We are delighted to host our Saturday Gala Milonga at Corrientes Social Club, one of London’s most established and iconic milongas. Expect a night full of tango thrills…

A fabulous gala with live music and performances!

The Tango Tinto will play a delightful selection of the most danceable tango classics, from Canaro, D’Arienzo, Pugliese, Di Sarli, and many more…

DJ & Musicalizador Adrian Heim (Arg.), a regular at festival all around Europe, will be traveling with his vinyls and plan for us a beautiful evening of dancing and the perfect balance between rhythmic and melodic tunes, between Guarda Vieja and Golden Age songs, between instrumental and singer-led pieces.

You can also expect a full line up of performances including a dazzling performance from Maria Tsiatsiani & Leandro Palou, traveling to festivals and performing around Europe and beyond. We promise that, if you have never seen them perform, you will be conquered by their sheer elegance and connection! Bruno V. Rodriguez and Paula Duarte will also perform during our gala – in pure tango salon style!

Note: when buying your ticket please register on Corrientes website, as the agreement they have with their venue makes it compulsory to do so. Thank you!


Single milonga booking (Saturday Gala) – £20

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Save with the 3-milonga pack booking

Passionate about your dancing? Get the 3-milonga pack at a discount, that includes the milongas on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening. A different location, team and performance on each night! Remember, milongas were fully booked last year so we recommend you buy your milonga tickets early to secure your entry.

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