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Don’t miss out our discounted rate if you buy 4 or more workshops per person. Use the Coupon Codes packleader, packfollower or packcouple at checkout, in the box “coupon” on the left hand side in the cart page and please don’t forget to click on “Apply Coupon” before ‘Proceed to Checkout (note there is no space between pack and follower, leader or couple).


 Workshops price
1 to 3£22 / workshop
4 or more£21 / workshop

Workshops have limited availability so please book early to avoid disappointment.
Please note: ‘Early bird’ available for all workshops except the pre-milonga workshop on Friday evening at Negracha.


Full access passes                                        BOOK PASS

You can also buy a pass by level and enjoy access to all workshops for this level. The pass does not include the pre-milonga classes and workshops at Milonga on Friday and Monday, but all other classes are included!

Pass by levelDiscounted Price
Pass Improver
Sat: STM1, STM2
Sun: STM3, STM4, STM5
Mon: UNI16, UNI17
Pass Intermediate
Sat: UNI1, UNI3, UNI4, UNI5, UNI6
Sun: UNI7, UNI8, UNI9, UNI10, STM6
Mon: UNI15, UNI16, UNI18
Pass Advanced
Sat: UNI1, UNI4, UNI5, UNI6
Sun: UNI7, UNI8, UNI9
Mon: UNI13, UNI14
Pass "All levels"
Sat: UNI2
Sun: UNI11, UNI12
UNI1 to UNI18


Milongas                                   BOOK MILONGAS

Friday Opening Milonga - Negracha£16 (no class)
£21 (milonga + pre milonga NTC0 Friday Int/Adv workshop)
Saturday Gala - Corrientes (Live Orchestra)£20
Sunday - Los Angelitos£16
Monday Closing Milonga - Los Angelitos£12
Pack 3 milongas FRI-SUN£46 (no class)
£50 (includes pre milonga NTC0 Friday Int/Adv workshop)
Pack 4 milongas FRI-MON£56 (no class)
£60 (includes pre milonga NTC0 Friday Int/Adv workshop)

Important note:

We will fully refund bookings (minus bank fees if applicable) up to 30 days before the event, i.e. until March 28, 2017 at midnight. Beyond this date, bookings will be non refundable.