Book unlimited passes

With an unlimited pass, you can enjoy access to all workshops for your level. The passes do not include the pre-milonga classes and workshops at the opening milonga on Friday, but all other classes are included! Passes cannot be shared between several dancers: they are only for one person.


Pass by levelDiscounted PriceBook:Book:
Pass Improver
Sat: STM2
Sun: STM4, STM5
£631 follower >1 leader >
Pass Intermediate
Sat: UNI1, UNI2, UNI3, UNI4, UNI5, UNI6
Sun: UNI7&8
£1681 follower>1 leader >
Pass Advanced
Sat: UNI1, UNI2, UNI6
Sun: UNI7, UNI8, UNI9, UNI10
£1471 follower >1 leader >
Pass "Open level Workshops"
Sat: STM1 (followers only)
Sun: UNI11, UNI12
1 follower >1 leader >