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We’ve put together a great programme for our milongas! International DJs. Fantastic performances. Great dancefloors. Expect loads of fun! Note: we will need to limit the number of participants, so there is a strong possibility we might not sell tickets at the door. To secure your entry, make sure you buy your milonga tickets in advance.


Milonga booking and packs


Individual Milonga tickets 1 person2 persons 
Friday Opening Milonga at Conway Hall£16Book >Book >
Saturday Gala Milonga at Corrientes£20Book >Book >
Sunday Closing Milonga at Los Angelitos£16Book >Book >
Milonga packs FollowerLeaderCouple
Pack 3 milongas (Fri, Sat, Sun, no class)£46Book >Book >Book >
Pack 3 milongas (Fri, Sat, Sun) + pre milonga OM1 Friday Int/Adv workshop£52SOLD OUTBook >Book >